Balatonfüred is a small town on the northern shore of the Lake Balaton. It was the first medical resort town of Hungary, and it is an „ International Town of Grape and Wine”. It started to develope in the reform era thanks to its mediterranean –like climate and mineral springs. You can taste the famous sour water at the Kossuth spring, the Berzsenyi well, the Ernő Szekér spring, and the Schneider well.

The Nobel-prize Hindoo poet, Rabindranath Tagore regained his health in the State Hospital for Heart Diseases. A promenade was named after him on the shore of the lake.

The town is incredibly rich in historical signts. Most of them you can find near our house: the State Hospital for Heart Diseaseson and the Kossuth Lajos Drinking Hall on the Medicinal Square /Gyógy tér/, the Horváth house, where the first Anna ball was held, the Blaha and the Jókai villas, and the Round Church, built in classicistic style.

Balatonfüred is an ancient wine-growing settlement. You can taste its delicious wines on wine-routes and Füred Wine Weeks.

One of the nicest beach in Balatonfüred is the Esterházy beach, you can find in the rebuilt part of the town in the reform era atmosphere.

Sunshine, the Balaton Lake, natura, hospitality, tastes and nice programmes!

You can have a pleasant time in Balatonfüred!